Career - choose professionals!

Our company values creative, enterprising and independent people, always ready to make the right decisions. We are happy to invest in your development and careers to support TMS Pro growth.

If you are:

  • Positive, energetic and motivated person,
  • Dedicated, team - and success oriented,
  • Entrepreneurial in spirit,
  • Ready to set up and reach your goals,
  • Not afraid of taking on challenges,
  • Intermediate in at least one foreign language,

Please send us your CV  today to start your career. You will become a part of TMS Pro and you will discover the most energetic, friendly and unique work environment in your life. You will learn real teamwork efforts, you will work with your colleagues to reach your goals. You will have your chance to see how you can run your own team, the satisfaction and responsibility behind it.

Creativity and search for solutions will be your new life now.

You will be meeting new people, building long-lasting relations with customers and carriers, doing negotiations, having independence and ease of making decisions… we will show you it all, this and even more… if you only want to.