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Welcome in the TMS Pro world of endless possibilities. We are very happy to see your interest in our company. We are in this industry long enough to understand your problems well. We know how much work and devotion needs to be done to coordinate transports and fulfill the order's conditions, how having transportation equipment can be risky due to market fluctuations and currency rates. Equipment investment needs, increasing safety and ecology requirements, drivers trainings, fuel cost or market ups and downs require now days a solid, financially stable business partner.

TMS Pro should be your choice. We care about our transports, we pay fair market rates but what is more important we arrange each of the small details. Information regarding loading, unloading, cargo type or measurements are being precisely provided in advance. It makes the transportation process much easier to handle.

We offer large range of cargo shipments within Europe. We use all kind of truck types to move our freight, that includes Tilt trucks, Tautliners, Refrigerated trailers, Roads Trains, Mega trailers as well as trucks dedicated for smaller cargo which can carry 1.5, 3.5 or up to 6 tons of goods.

If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the short questionnaire below to let us know equipment owned and which countries you have a service to.

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