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TMS Pro - Customer Zone

We are very pleased to welcome you here.
TMS Pro possesses a unique customer approach, the way of working and building relations. All our customers quickly realize that we really care about their business.How do we do it?

We do not sell price - to be able to work with you we need to understand your business first. You are the best source of knowledge and through daily communication, we learn your supply chain, see its challenges and issues to be able to provide our logistics solutions which meet your requirements and make your work much easier,

We understand that communication is the key - We are in constant contact with you and our transportation partners. We understand how important communication flow is. We immediately transfer all information, even though it might be different than expected. Thanks to such efficient information sharing system you are able to monitor your cargo movements at every stage,

We respect your time - We know how tight your every workday is and that’s why we value your time. We provide fast information systems, concrete solutions, we guarantee your messages are promptly answered or we can arrange the details with your vendors (only if you wish).

We adapt our information system to your needs - You decide how you wish to be informed about your transport movements. Should it be once, twice or three times per day, just after loading or unloading or maybe at a certain time? For us this is no problem. We are flexible in adapting to all your needs,

We are here for you - Do you plan to enter new markets? Do you have special requirements for your transports? We will always find time and resources to work on your projects,

We grow when you grow - Your success means our growth. Providing you with a high service level in transportation management we enlarge our share in “moving Europe”. New markets and different locations makes our offer more attractive for our transport partners. Growing with your business and offering more possibilities we make closer relations with our subcontractors, build trusted brand in the industry,  gain new possibilities of equipment usage to make our service better every day.

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